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Books give free rein to creativity and imagination. By reading a book, the same story, the same plot, the same character can be represented differently by each reader. Books do not limit ingenuity unlike television, which imprints a singular image on the minds of all viewers.

Aryaa Banerjee,

Class XII, Don Bosco School, Park Circus, Calcutta

Detailed descriptions

TV programs are fast to prevent viewers from changing channels. Books contain much more detail than TV shows, and yet lead to the use of the imagination to fill in the gaps.

Manasvi Patodia,

Class X, Ashok Hall Girls’ HS School, Calcutta

Never tiring

Books can provide entertainment even without electricity. They have been entertaining for ages. Plus, do we love that TV series go on forever? But we never tire of diving into the worlds that books offer us. Not to mention that books give birth to many films or series that can be watched on television.

Sagarika Bose,

Third year, BA, Women’s College, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Only a corner needed

Books entertain those who only need a corner to transport them to another world. Plus, watching TV is harmful if you overdo it, but overdosing on books never hurts. We remember what we have read, revisiting the pleasures a thousand times. With TV, shows are quickly forgotten.

Hard Nathani,

Class XII, Vidyanjali International School, Calcutta


Offers bonding time

Books are cherished in solitude. In this age of isolation, television offers the possibility of strengthening the bonds with family members and friends during football games, music, movies. The stories on paper are transformed into characters of flesh and blood thanks to the actors who play them. We can also see iconic artists performing live.

Indrani Saha,

Third year, Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Sciences, Calcutta

Effortless Medium

Turn on the TV, sit back and enjoy effortlessly. It adds color to our life with its wide array of music, dramas, documentaries, etc. Children who are not too keen on reading can find inspiration from movies or soap operas about notable people.

Nishka Mondal,

Class VIII, Ram Mohan Mission High School, Calcutta

Faster process

Television gives us the visual presentation of the script of a book. Visual history is more interesting than reading the book and imagining what it looks like. Plus, it takes us days to finish a book.

Krisha Mittal,

Class IX, The Heritage School, Calcutta


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