What is EncroPhones? How the police shut down the Lancashire drug ring

MANY arrests and charges against the accused in connection with the Operation Florence investigation took place at least in part thanks to key information held on “EncroPhones”.

Explaining how much key evidence in the case has come to light, Judge Philip Parry said the operation came from a combination of documents – including telephone evidence, the source of which is from a well-known, well-known drug operation under the name Operation Venetic.

Operation Venetic resulted in the analysis of encrypted phones held by organized crime groups and individuals by law enforcement agencies across Europe.

Justice Parry said this meant criminals were engaging in illicit activity believing their devices to be impregnable.

He said, “They were wrong. Because of this error, criminals who used the “EncroPhones” corresponded with other criminals on the devices with such openness that law enforcement agencies had to decode the messages to reveal the extent of criminal activity. – mainly drug supply operations.

“Each user is assigned an ID and once that ID has been assigned to a suspect, the extent of their involvement in criminal activity becomes clear.

“The value of the material deriving from Operation Venetic, particularly in identifying the supply of Class A and Class B drug conspirators in the UK, cannot be overstated.

“Several of the defendants in this case are being prosecuted because they thought they could organize their drug trafficking without being detected using their phones and they were wrong.”

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