US congressman tries to locate woman from Inverclyde

A member of the United States Congress has launched a search to locate a woman from Greenock and right the situation on behalf of her late sailor brother who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.

John Fusco, who sits in the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill, lives in Connecticut and today he is making a direct appeal for help to Tele readers.

He is looking for a lady named Ann who knew her brother Jim, a young man in the United States Navy who served on the USS Holland and was posted to Holy Loch in 1978.

During a paper clearance at his deceased parents, he found a letter to Jim from Greenock, reminding him to return the cost of phone calls.

Sadly, just months after returning to the United States, Jim was killed in the state of Maryland while riding a motorcycle.

John, 57, who represents the Republican Party in his state’s 81st arrondissement, said: “I just want to put things right and make amends.

“I am a big believer in doing the right thing.

“I think Ann would be between 60 and 65 now.

“I don’t think Ann would have a clue that Jim was killed and I can’t stand the thought that he stayed like that.

“From what I understood, they knew each other well.

“The note, and what I can assume this woman thought of my brother broke my heart.

“I realize that given the time that has passed, the prospect of finding Ann is slim, but something keeps pushing me to at least give it a try.

“She deserves the shutdown, and I’m sure my brother would like her to know that.”

Jim was only 20 years old when he died in a traffic accident.

His younger brother John said: “I was only 14 when he died.

“He was a guy like no other, he was tall, six foot three, blue eyes and blond.

“Once you meet him you will never forget him, he was just a great big brother to have with you.

“We were devastated when he died and we never got over it.

“Jim’s mother died of cancer when he was just a baby and our father Edward married my mother Helene.”

The family has been hit by a series of tragedies, as John lost his father, 90, and his mother, 80, to Covid last December.

John added: “I was the executor of the estate and while going through a huge amount of paperwork and effects I came across personal items belonging to my brother Jim which were returned to my parents after his death. in 1978.

“One of the objects was from the young woman named Ann.

“She had apparently sent him a note reminding him to send the money for the charges attributed to the phone calls he made from her number.”

John, who also has an older brother Edward, says he wants to make amends.

He was elected to serve in 2016, running for office a year after his 14-year-old daughter and only child Olivia was hit by a car and killed.

He said: “I just wanted to do good and make sense after my little girl died.”

If anyone has any information about Ann or can help John find her, send an email to [email protected] or John on [email protected]

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