Up to £ 15,000 in funding for local Pembrokeshire sports clubs

Pembrokeshire sports clubs are encouraged to apply for essential funds to improve their facilities under a new joint program run by Sports Wales and Crowdfunder.

Sport Pembrokeshire Director Ben Field said: “Sport Wales is offering up to £ 15,000 in co-funding to support community clubs’ own fundraising efforts on the Crowdfunder website at www.crowdfunder.co. uk.

“This is a great opportunity for clubs to improve their facilities and build even stronger bonds with their local communities. ”

The following are examples of the types of projects eligible for support:

• changing room improvements

• pavilion renovations

• improved cooking facilities to generate income

• bike racks and storage to facilitate active travel

• elevators and ramps for better access for disabled people

• installation of solar panels, generators or boilers

Sport Wales says that as they want to ensure that everyone in Wales has the opportunity to be active through sport, projects to tackle inequalities will be a priority.

There will be a sliding scale of co-financing investment, between 30 percent and 50 percent, depending on a project’s potential to address inequalities.

Crowdfunding will require clubs to engage more than ever with their local communities, as the funding will not only support a club’s project, but the club will also earn rewards that have been donated by their local business community.

Community clubs eligible for Sport Wales match funding will also receive a training and support package to guide them on their journey.

This will help clubs develop the skills and confidence to help them with their future fundraising and community involvement.

To find out if a specific project is eligible, go to https://www.sport.wales/

For help making a request, email [email protected] or call Sport Pembrokeshire (Pembrokeshire County Council Sports Development Team) on 01437 776191.

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