TV Ditipriya and Sreenanda amaze viewers with their Devi avatars on Mahalaya

‘Devi Paksha’ has started and the Bengalis can’t wait for Durga Puja to start in earnest. Despite the difficult times, Kolkata has managed to keep its enthusiasm high and this year too, in accordance with Covid regulations, the city is preparing to celebrate its biggest festival.

While many listened to Mahalaya morning radio stations, several Tollywood stars like Ditipriya Roy from Rani rashmoni Celebrity and actress Sreenanda Shankar played the role of Ma Durga in special Mahalaya shows.

Last year Ditipriya starred as Parvati and Ma Durga in a Mahalaya sequence for a popular TV channel. The talented young actress hypnotized everyone with her acting skills and was as beautiful as the goddess Parvati herself. The question was, who would be this year’s “Mohishashurmardini” alongside Tollywood superstars Koel Mallick and Subhashree Ganguly?

Ditipriya Roy as ‘Mohishashurmardini’

Star Jalsha

It was, of course, Ditipriya – Durga from Star Jalsha. Dressed in a bold red Benarasi sari with a beautiful lotus in her hand, ‘Doshobhuja’ Ditipriya stunned everyone on Mahalaya morning.

While Ditipriya captured audiences with her acting skills, popular actress Sreenanda Shankar fascinated everyone with her dancing skills in Jago Maa Durga.

Bringing out her elegance and beauty, Sreenanda set the stage on fire with her co-dancers in a “laal paar shada saree”. She was also seen performing another streak in a gorgeous purple trimmed saree and it goes without saying that everything from the attire to the stage was created with Bengali tradition in mind.

The actress was also seen in 2014 as Ma Durga in Star Jalsha’s Mahalaya series, Durga Durgotinashini. After more than 6 years, the talented dancer and actress is back as Ma to make us fall in love with her performance.

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