The world’s first international telephone call was made between Canada and the United States on this day in 1881

The world’s first international telephone call was made on this day in 1881 between St. Stephen, New Brunswick in Canada and Calais, Maine in the United States. The first corded telephone was invented by Robert Hooke in 1667 which transmitted sounds over an extended wire by mechanical vibrations. Then, in 1844, Innocenzo Manzetti had the idea of ​​a talking telegraph, which became known as the telephone. Antonio Meucci in 1854 demonstrated the first voice-activated electric device in New York.

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On August 10, 1877, Alexander Graham Bell, using a telegraph line, made the first long distance call between Brantford and Paris. Bell obtained a patent for his electromagnetic telephone and the Scientific American journal published the same crediting him with the invention.

In the same year, the first trading company entered the telephone business near Berlin. In 1878, Bell demonstrated the telephone to Queen Victoria, after which the first permanent telephone connection was established between two companies in Manchester.

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The world reacts to the phone

The telephone was one of the most sorted inventions of the 19th century that has seen the world talk about it since Queen Victoria, who would have called it “quite extraordinary” for US President Rutherford Hayes who adopted the technology by installing the first phone. at the White House in 1877.

The invention of the telephone is attributed to several people outside of Graham Bell, including Amos Dolbear, Antonio Meucci, Elisha Gray and Thomas Edison.

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