The ultra-quiet and affordable lilM8 3D printer arrives on Kickstarter

Sydney, Australia-based 3DG8 engineers, developers and team have created a new ultra-quiet and easy-to-use 3D printer that supports plug and play straight out of the box, allowing you to start printing your 3D designs almost immediately. The affordable 3D printer is now available on Kickstarter and has already been tested by the active 3DG8 community. Early bird commitments are now available for the new project starting at around $ 406 or £ 301 (according to current exchange rates).

3D printer features

lilM8 3D printer

“We designed the lilM8 (little companion) to be a simple first step into the world of 3D technology by keeping its carefully selected features focused on providing a great 3D experience for new users. You and your lilM8 can create the most wonderful things with the push of a single button. Create anything from your favorite characters to practical household items, from educational designs to fashion products. The only limit is your imagination! And for those of us who don’t have endless imaginations, we have a community of people who share ready-made creations every day. Our prototype community helped us refine our machine to a point where even a not-so-tech-savvy family made an incredible volume of items in just a few weeks.

If the lilM8 crowdfunding campaign successfully achieves its required engagement goal and the completion goes smoothly, the global shipping is expected to take place around March 2022. To learn more about the lilM8 3D printer project, watch the promotional video below.

“The valuable feedback from our prototype testers showed us how to create a great user experience. So your lilM8 will be really easy to use, our new upgraded firmware and 2 part magnetic bed mean anyone can make an item without needing to level a bed, learn how to calibrate a machine or ‘learn software. Early models of the lilM8 were loud, but our new custom PCB chipset means the lilM8 runs smooth and virtually silent in the 12-21dB range, and we believe it will be ideal for the home, office. or the classroom.

3D printer dimensions

“Your lilM8 will come assembled and ready to use, all you have to do is plug it in, load the first filament you want to use (blue, pink, silver, gold, rainbow, black , white, etc.) and select your first brand. It does not require assembly, calibration, upgrade or software installation.

For a full list of all available campaign pledges, extended goals, additional materials, and technical specifications for the 3D printer, go to the official lilM8 crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

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