The LUGO G3 dual-extruder 3D printer makes creating your dream project more enjoyable

3D printers have already introduced a whole new world of creativity, but this new printer opens the doors wide with its dual-use innovations.

It’s almost inconceivable today that there was a time when hobbyists and modders could only dream of projects that required access to expensive, professional production pipelines, which practically translated to the word “impossible”. “. 3D printers have democratized the process of creating parts, entire frames, or even food, depending on the material used. However, most 3D printers so far have been limited to using only one type of material at a time, which means creators have to spend more time printing each part separately and then putting them together. afterwards. Dual extruder printers also exist but are neither accessible nor practical to use. LUGOLABS is making that a thing of the past, and its new LUGO G3 gives dual 3D printers a unique twist, making it easier to work with two different materials simultaneously to reduce production time and assembly labor.

Designer: LUGOLABS

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3D printers had come a long way from the early days when most were limited to using ABS or PLA materials. There are a variety of options out there these days, including fiberglass-reinforced and oil-free, but most 3D printers are still limited to working with one material at a time. This means that you will have to change filament each time you want to change material, so you will have to do extra work to group prints of the same material. It also means you have to do the extra work of joining parts that should have been made together in the first place.

The combination of DCH head and purge box in LUGO G3 allows multiple parts to be combined into one product in one process.

The LUGO G3 is part of a family of 3D printers capable of printing a single part made from two different materials. This means you can have a part that combines rigid and flexible materials or mix strong materials with an oil-free movement part to eliminate the need to create and use a bearing. This gives creators the freedom to print more complex structures and parts compared to traditional 3D printers. These dual purpose 3D printers are of course nothing new, but most of them are beyond the reach of most hobbyists and creators, either because of their complexity or because of their price.

It’s easier than ever to print multiple parts with different materials.

The DCH head is structured with two cone-shaped nozzles.

What makes the LUGO G3 special is that it makes dual extruders more convenient and enjoyable to use. It starts with how accurately it is calibrated, which eliminates worries about having any gaps or overlapping areas. Each of the temperatures of the two nozzles can also be controlled separately, making it easier to work with materials that have different temperature requirements. Even better, LUGOLABS has developed its own new material called Lutan, made from an easy to print but still strong PBT copolymer, unlike typical PLA.

A sealed design is adopted to protect not only users but also the printer itself.

The high-efficiency H13 activated carbon composite filter is even more effective in filtering out harmful substances.

Maximized user convenience and printing efficiency by incorporating a gantry design that allows you to see all the action happening at the front of the printer.

The LUGO G3 also has other features that make life easier for the user, such as a double-sided spring plate bed and interchangeable nozzles that can work with different types of materials. The printer also features a high-efficiency H13 HEPA filter to keep harmful gaseous byproducts away from you and your family. LUGOLABS took the existing concept of dual 3D printers and improved it, making the system more affordable and comfortable to use. With its one-of-a-kind DCH head and an assortment of innovative features, the LUGO G3 dual-extruder 3D printer breaks through the barriers of dual 3D printing to help creative minds turn their ideas and dreams into reality.

Click here to buy now: $1679 $2399 (30% discount). Hurry, for a limited time only.

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