Taliban broadcast propaganda worshiping suicide bombers on Afghan state television

Afghan state television has started broadcasting Taliban propaganda, including a 38-minute ode to the group’s recent military victory, with footage glorifying the group’s suicide bombers, who in recent years have claimed thousands of lives. dead among civilians.

Entitled “Victorious Force”, the film was broadcast on RTA Pashto as the Taliban – flush with their resounding victory – consolidate their control over Afghanistan.

The film features a military parade in which a Taliban suicide squad marches with the group’s white flag, a display of explosive suicide vests and improvised explosive devices in vehicles.

“Bomber bombs and car bombs are the military industry of the Mujahedin, which is used in martyrdom operations,” a narrator intones as improvised weapons pass by.

The Taliban killed more civilians than any other Afghan force in the first half of the year, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said in July, accusing them of being the source of 39% of the 1,659 non-combatants killed in deadliest six months since record. custody began in 2009.

To a soundtrack of Islamic acapella chanting, the film shows men simulating hand-to-hand combat and gunmen firing from motorcycles driving slowly past a seated crowd of militants.

“As an Islamic nation, living under the umbrella of an Islamic system is the recognized right of the Afghan people,” said one narrator.

But Afghan women working in the media say the Taliban are using strict interpretations of Islam as an excuse to keep them from working. Shortly after the Taliban takeover, RTA Pashto TV presenter Shabnam Dawran said activists denied her access to work because she was a woman.

And Beheshta Arghand – who made history as the first Afghan female journalist to interview a Taliban official live on television – fled the country.

“Because of me, my family will be threatened by the Taliban,” she told diplomats in Doha on Wednesday. “Islam gave us these rights, so why are the Taliban taking them away from us?

The film presents the introduction of Western-style education accessible to women as an alien plot. The US-led invasion “insisted on changing the intellectual and ideological boundaries of the Afghans,” the narrator says of a picture from the American University in Afghanistan.

The United States has donated $ 162 million to build the institution, which has graduated over 1,200 Afghans and is 42 percent female. In 2016, the Taliban carried out a terrorist attack on the university, killing 15 people and injuring more than 35 others.

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