Steam Deck 3D Printer Files Released

Valve has just released the full range of CAD files needed by users to modify the outer shell of the company’s upcoming Steam Deck handheld.


Valve seems to be entirely dedicated to manufacturing steam bridge as open and customizable as possible. In addition to running its portable gaming PC with a custom build of GNU/Linux, Valve has now gone even further, as the company has officially released the CAD files of the device for everyone to view.

The Steam Deck continues to dominate the news cycle with the first devices shipping to early reservation holders in late February. With its hardware already put through stress tests by some YouTube personalities, the main concern seems to be battery life, although the release of CAD files may also contain the solution to this problem.


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The release of the Steam Deck CAD files is, according to Valve itself, great news for anyone with even a passing interest in modifying the device in any capacity. Namely, the files include the Steam Deck’s external topology, which should allow for plenty of tweaks for battery longevity, SSD storage, kickstand functionality, and many other goodies the community is bound to come up with. Since Steam Deck has a worst-case 90-minute battery life, exploring expansion options can be a major consideration.

Steam Deck is still on track to ship by the end of February

While early testing showed that Steam Deck loads games from MicroSD cards almost as fast as it loads them from an NVME SSD, many users will certainly be looking for expandable storage for the device. The ability to edit CAD files and 3D print your own custom case outer shell will prove downright invaluable in this case, especially since the files are released under a Creative Commons license, allowing for free use and reproduction. widespread personalization.

Valve’s Steam Deck launches on February 25, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see prototype shells now that official CAD files are readily available. It’s worth pointing out, though, that DBrand has already announced its own rugged Steam Deck case. The cheeky-named “Project Killswitch” isn’t a complete shell replacement, however, but a classic DBrand case with a few extra features that haven’t been revealed yet.

There is an argument to be made here that the notion of publishing these CAD files is more important than the CAD files themselves. Valve has been very open about its insistence on letting users control almost every aspect of device performance, controls, and software on all Steam Deck models. The release of CAD files is both a practical matter and a statement that further underscores Valve’s point of view.

the steam bridge should start shipping on February 25.

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Source: Steam Blog

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