Space operator IWG signs agreement with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

IWG, the managed space operator, has signed its biggest deal with NTT, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation. The agreement will provide NTT’s 300,000 employees across its portfolio of companies and global network with access to more than 3,300 IWG workspaces around the world.

The deal with NTT follows on from IWG’s previous largest contract with a financial services organization, Standard Chartered for 95,000 employees, as well as global agreements signed last week with several large companies.

Mark Dixon, Founder and CEO of IWG Plc, said: “This revolutionary agreement with NTT offers their global workforce choice and flexibility and reinforces the fact that office life has not only changed completely, but will never go back to what it was before COVID. One of the lasting legacies of the pandemic will be the ability to work in different ways, in different places and more and more companies will have distributed their workforce, allowing their teams to work closer or from home ”.

NTT, one of the world’s leading technology services companies, is an existing IWG partner that provides the world’s largest workspace operator with IT and business solutions.

Mark Laneve, CEO of NTT Global Sourcing, said: “The benefits of these solutions will extend far beyond the employee experience and will positively impact our individual and collective carbon footprint by enabling people to work harder. near their place. At NTT, we see the many benefits of partnering with IWG to support our 300,000 employees and empower them to embrace new ways of working. These will not only reduce travel times, but reduce travel costs and provide a safe and convenient location for our employees. ”

Globally, IWG has added half a million users to its network so far this year. “Employees realized that they were wasting an hour or two getting to an office where they didn’t need to be, while companies realized that a hybrid model not only means happier and more employees. committed, but also a significant saving for the bottom line. A study reported by EY shows that companies can save around $ 11,000 for every employee who works in a hybrid fashion, ”added Dixon.

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