Serial killer Jeremy Bamber claims new phone call proves he didn’t murder his family

Serial killer Jeremy Bamber claims new evidence from a phone call he made proves he did not murder his family.

Bamber, 58, who served 33 years in prison, believes a unearthed police phone record shows he was elsewhere at the time of the killings.

Bamber was convicted of shooting his parents Nevill and June, both 61, at White House Farm, Essex, as well as his model sister Sheila “Bambi” Caffell, 26, and her six-year-old twins Daniel. and Nicholas in August 1985.

Bamber’s legal team at Quality Solicitors Jordans, who said work was underway to try to get an appeal, called the appeal file “complex” but said if it was successful it was “would be one of the UK’s most notorious miscarriages of justice.”

Bamber had argued that two calls were made to police on the night of the murders, one from himself and the other from his father, but the prosecution at his trial alleged there were none. had had one that had been passed through Bamber at 3:26 am.

The new note would refer to a call, scheduled at “approximately 3:37 am”, from Bamber.

His legal team says this shows Bamber could not have made a call at 3:26 a.m. from the farm and returned to his home 3.5 miles from Goldhanger to make the second call, the Daily Mirror reported.

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