Senate Bill 1049 Printer Number 1772

PENNSYLVANIA, June 15 – An Act to amend Titles 42 (Judicial and Judicial Procedure) and 75 (Vehicles) of the Consolidated Statutes of Pennsylvania, in the District Judges Magistrates, further providing for an alternative program of arbitration; in the licensing of drivers, further providing that drivers shall be licensed, for suspension of operating privilege, for suspension of operating privilege for non-response to a citation and for driving while the operating privilege is suspended or revoked, providing for driving while the operating privilege is suspended for certain other offences, for exemption from administrative suspension and for exemption from attendance requirements administrative suspension; in royalties, also providing for the reinstatement of the operating privilege or the registration of the vehicle; and, in the Penalties and Settlement of Fines, further provide for failure to pay the fine and costs.

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