S. Korea plans to lift restrictions on North Korean TV, newspapers: report

South Korea plans to lift the ban on North Korean newspapers, television and other publications. The decision aims to promote mutual understanding between the two nations, PA reported citing officials. The proposal was presented in a political report from the South Korean Unification Ministry to President Yoon Suk-yeol.

South Korea’s unification ministry said in its policy report that it would gradually allow access to North Korean media, broadcasts and publications. The South Korean ministry said the move will enhance mutual understanding, restore Korean national identity and pave the way for reunification. South Korean Unification Ministry officials said they would allow access to North Korean broadcasts to motivate Pyongyang to make similar decisions.

Access to each other’s websites is blocked in South Korea and North Korea

Jeon Young-sun, a research professor at Konkuk University in Seoul, said North Korea is unlikely to take similar action and claimed South Korean media content could pose a “really huge threat” to its supreme leader, according to AP. Jeon Young-Sun has called for easing restrictions on North Korean media as it has resulted in reliance on other governments to gather information about North Korea. Notably, the people of North Korea and South Korea have been banned from traveling to each other’s countries or speaking to each other by phone, email and letters. People were not allowed to access other people’s websites and TV channels.

According to Article 7 of South Korea’s National Security Law of 1948, possession or distribution of North Korean material in the South and those found with Pyongyang’s propaganda face up to seven years in prison. The telegraph reported. In 2021, police raided the offices of a publisher after it published the memoirs of Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s first leader and grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-un.

Park Jung-won, professor of politics at South Korea’s Dankook University, said The telegraph, that the government’s decision is a “complete surprise” and added that the proposal will be opposed by the Tories. Ties between the two nations were strained after North Korea conducted missile tests in 2022, according to the AP report. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has announced that he has hardened his position in the face of Pyongyang’s provocations.

Image: AP

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