Royal Inverclyde Hospital local phone number deleted

The local phone number for the Royal INVERCLYDE Hospital was shut down by board of health bosses without any warning.

Generations of people in the region have used the 633777 hotline to call and be directed to different departments and areas of the hospital.

Now Greenock Hospital has a new Glasgow-based area code 0141 instead.

A recorded message for anyone who dials indicates that there is a new number.

Health adviser Ciano Rebecchi denounced the decision – and for hospital bosses who haven’t told people.

He said: “It’s a number that the people of Inverclyde have been using since the hospital opened – everyone knows 633777.

“I couldn’t believe it when I called and was told to hang up and redial a Glasgow number.

“Why would you just stop using a number and not tell anyone?”

“But why are they even changing the number in the first place.

“Are they just trying to piss people off?

“The number is the number everyone knows by heart.”

The new hospital number is 0141 314 9504.

Yesterday, the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde had not even updated the number on their own website.

In recent years, the bosses of health boards have come under fire for centralizing services, with more and more patients having to leave the area for treatment.

A working group, including Councilor Rebecchi, has been set up to monitor acute hospital services and their changes.

Councilor Rebecchi added, “I think we just want answers on this.

“Our hospital means a lot to the locals and we care.”

In a statement, the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde admitted they had not told anyone about the change.

Their spokesperson said: “Like many other health boards, the NHS GGC had to change some phone numbers recently.

“The reason is technical, but results from the closure of the BT network.

“For several years, calls to the number 01475 have been diverted in the background, providing transparent service to the caller.

“This option was no longer available and we had no choice but to make a change.

“There is a message on the old number, redirecting callers to the new number.

“We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and will take action to publicize this change as soon as possible.”

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