Rockford invests in free 3D printer training to benefit local businesses

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) – Technology continues to evolve and the Rockford Small Business Development Center (SBDC) wants to make sure entrepreneurs keep pace with 3D printing.

“3D printing is not the wave of the future, it’s the wave of the present,” said Representative Maurice West (D-Rockford). “It will help our young people, or entrepreneurs, to really understand that this is something that can make them more effective for their vision and their dream.”

3D printers are used to make all kinds of things, from gadgets and guitars, to toys and tools, and to change the way people do business.

“Once you get the (computer) file, you can just print whatever you want,” said Edward Caceres, director of SBDC.

SBDC hopes to take advantage of this relatively new technology. Cyber ​​security and emergency technology expert Mike Rogers says 3D printing offers manufacturers an alternative, minus the high cost.

“We’re going to create a fleet of printers that we can put in people’s hands, first-hand, so it’s about hands-on knowledge and experience,” he said.

Caeres says the new technology means new jobs for the Stateline.

“With these new technologies arriving, we are also working to bring robotics, but also artificial intelligence technologies to the region. We believe that with this we will boost employment and get more skilled labor in the region, ”he said.

West helped secure funding for 3D printer training and says it is a good investment in local youth, entrepreneurs and the community.

“This is how we support our community and make it even stronger,” he said.

The training will be available to anyone who wants it, free of charge, and will start next month. Contact the Rockford Small Business Development Center for more information.

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