Punter complains after joke shop’s ‘Million Dollar Magic’ money printer failed to print real money

A JOKE store owner had the giggles when a bettor complained that a money spin didn’t print real money.

Miles Jackson, 42, sent five of his “Million Dollar Magic Money Makers” to a customer in the United States.


Joke shop owner Miles Jackson received a complaint from a punter when a money spin didn’t print real moneyCredit: Glen Minikin
Miles sent five of his


Miles sent five of his “Million Dollar Magic Money Makers” to a customer in the United StatesCredit: Glen Minikin

The £4.99 toys use rollers to print fake banknotes.

But the recipient sent an email asking for a ‘100% refund’ after being duped by online joke comments.

Giving it a star on Trustpilot, he fumed: “All the reviews that say he paid their rent and bills are lies.

“This article is a complete waste of time.”

Miles, who has run The Scarborough Joke and Magic Shop for 25 years, said: “I find it hilarious.

“What they thought they were buying does not exist.

“And if it existed, it would be illegal.

“It doesn’t actually turn the paper into real money – they bought it from a joke shop.”

This came after regular customers posted fake reviews.

One read: “I bought the money printer from the joke shop.

“It’s printing £50 notes faster than I can spend them.”

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Married father of two, Miles added: ‘I had to add a disclaimer to the website to say it’s a gimmick and it doesn’t really print money out of thin air.

“In all these years, no one has ever mistaken a joke for something real.”

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