Pokemon Fan Creates Amazing Hisuian Poke Ball Using 3D Printer

A Pokemon fan creates an incredible Poke Ball replica from the Hisian region using a 3D printer with red silk and wood filaments mirroring the two halves.

Since the release of Nintendo and Game Freak Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon fans celebrated the spin-off title’s direction through fan art, concept videos, and more. A Pokemon fan decided to create his own version of the Poke Ball used in the Hisuian region of Pokemon Legends: Arceus using a 3D printer.

Reddit user SirYak recently posted a brief clip showing off their custom Hisuian Poke Ball that they created with a 3D printer using mixed filaments. The Hisuian Poke Ball differs radically from the traditional Pokemon capture device like Pokemon Legends: Arceus sends players into the Sinnoh region’s distant past long before the events of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The jet lag gives the Poke Ball an antique look that looks a lot like a handcrafted item, and SirYak’s 3D printed Hisuian Poke Ball skillfully mimics that aesthetic.


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SirYak’s short video begins with the Poke Ball facing the camera as Pokemon the fan begins to spin it to show the entire spherical object. The video highlights the gray top and middle in addition to the glossy top half and textured wood bottom half, along with the latch on the front of the Poke Ball Hisuian. Since the clip ends before SirYak opens the Hisuian Poke Ball, it’s currently unclear if the Pokemon Legends: Arceus the item can contain things like it contains in-game Pokemon.

According to SirYak, a wood filament was used for the base of the Poke Ball Hisuian to give the replica the same texture as it has in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Silk red filament was used to represent the top part of the Poke Ball Hisuian, while gray is used for additional functionality as SirYak had no metallic filament to use. Pokemon fans who have their own 3D printers will be able to follow SirYak’s formula through their Cults3d page, a forum where SirYak has posted their files for everyone to access.

Although most of the responses to SirYak’s Hisuian Poke Ball are celebratory, some Pokemon fans took it a step further by requesting their own Poke Balls, and SirYak confirmed they were setting up an Etsy to sell the item and taking commissions via DMs in the meantime. A Pokemon fan noted that a matte finish for the red part of the Poke Ball Hisuian may reflect the element used in Pokemon Legends: Arceus getting better and better because, like other Poke Ball DIYs, it has an unusually shiny top. SirYak noted that future Hisuian Poke Ball designs may include bronze or silver while gray was used in this model to reflect the Pokemon tool more efficiently.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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