North never voted one way – New Telegraph

Baba Negedou

The socio-cultural and political organization Apex Northern, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), said that although the main political parties have candidates from the main regions of the country, the north has never voted one way.

ACF general secretary Murtala Aliyu told the Sunday Telegraph in a phone interview that despite the North never voting in one direction, the regional policy issue did not start today. today.

He, however, said the main problem was “handling the consequences” in the election outcome even if Nigerians decided to vote regionally, adding that in 1979 Obafemi Awolowo opted for UPN, Nnamdi Azikiwe for the NPP and Shehu Shagari for the NPN and Aminu Kano for the PRP, many of them getting votes in their enclaves.

Aliyu said that before former head of state Ibrahim Babangida introduced the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Republican National Convention (NRC), “it was practically identity politics that played out” .

He said: “It was after Ibrahim Babangida brought together the SDP and the NRC that we started to have two parties that oscillate on both sides, North and South. So it’s not really anything new. But I believe that the electorate will be able to decide whichever way.

“However, the main problem for me is the management of the consequences, but even if it happened (regional politics) like that, what would be the consequences, it happened like that before and nothing happened.”

The ACF secretary also said that the two main political parties, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have a national spread which could make regional voting impossible, adding: “They have governors , senators and House of Representatives members and others across the country. At least I think both parties have a national vision.

“But, again, the elections bring surprises. So, let’s wait and see, but I also think that any regional policy that will be played out will have no consequences. It has always been so. »

Speaking from the perspective of the North, Aliyu said, “In fact, in the North, since independence, it has never voted one way. During the NPN, when the North had ten states, the NPN had five, the other parties combined had five.

“So the north never voted one way. So once the party is nationalist, they will have their votes all over the country. »


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