Nippon Telegraph and Telephone: NTT Partners with GAVS for AI-Based Operations Technology to Deliver Enhanced Managed Infrastructure Services in India

May 24, 2022

NTT partners with GAVS for AI-based operations technology to deliver enhanced infrastructure management services in India

  • Accelerate incident response with better visibility across infrastructure, intelligent root cause analysis, predictive analytics, and automated resolution
  • System performance incidents can be reduced to one-tenth of current levels

Mumbai – 24 May 2022 –In India, NTT Ltd. announced its partnership with GAVS to enhance its Infrastructure Managed Services (IMS) with AI-based technology operations, Zero Incident FrameworkMT (ZIFMT) Platform. With this, NTT aims to delight its customers by introducing higher levels of service assurance, service reliability, and observability into IT infrastructure with the adoption of AIOps.

The advanced AI-based platform efficiently, effectively and accurately provides end-to-end support in managing operations with its growing complexity and proliferation of tools. Using AI and ML, it generates actionable insights accelerated through the ingestion of agnostic data sources. The platform ingests data, performs automatic agentless discovery, correlates the ingested data, then maps the topology of the entire technology landscape, and finally identifies the root cause of all events and incidents. It also calculates dynamic thresholds for different parameters monitored in the infrastructure by observing system behaviors and anomalies. Its ability to predict failures through predictive analysis helps prevent incidents.

Its fundamental value comes from the contextual analysis of the correlation between each piece of monitoring data and all other data collected from various sources such as events, logs and other tools. Improved visibility, intelligent root cause determination, predictive analysis and automated remediation will help businesses make decisions faster and, by leveraging this platform, could reduce performance incidents by 10 times. of the system. Additionally, it reduces noise, event pollution, and the number of false positives, in addition to streamlining event handling, incident management, and expedited incident investigation operations.

Sharad Sanghi, Managing Director, NTT Ltd., India said: “We like to stay ahead of the curve and continue to bring innovative solutions to our customers. Through AIOps, we want to modernize managed services and add significant value to our customers. Digital transformation journeys require a shift to This is why we decided to find the best solution for our customers that can act smartly and robustly to meet our scaling requirements.

Balaji Uppili, COO, GAVS technologies, said: “We built ZIFMT with a vision and NTT choosing ZIFMT reinforces our belief. In NTT, we have found a partner with years of experience, reach and a deep understanding of the managed services space. NTT will only add to ZIF’s innovation capabilityMT. Working with NTT and its customers, we look forward to making AIOps simple and effective in the times to come.”


About NTT

NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company. To help our clients achieve their digital transformation goals, we use our global capabilities, expertise and comprehensive technology services delivered through our Integrated Services Platform. As a long-term strategic partner, we help them improve the customer and employee experience, transform their cloud strategy, modernize their networks and strengthen their cybersecurity. And through their transformation priorities, we automate their business processes and IT, drawing insights and analytics from their core business data. As a global ICT provider, we employ more than 50,000 people in 57 countries, operate in 73 countries, and provide services in more than 200 countries and regions. Together, we make the connected future possible.

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About GAVS and ZIFMT

GAVS Technologies (GAVS) is a global IT services provider focused on AI-enabled managed services and digital transformation. AIOps platform from GAVS, Zero Incident FrameworkMT (ZIFMT), enables proactive incident detection and resolution and increases availability, helping organizations move towards a zero incident enterpriseMT. ZIFMT, an on-premises and SaaS solution, enables IT to deliver high-performing systems with end-to-end visibility that helps manage and optimize resources and assets, and drive business value. GAVS has transformed the delivery of IT services to businesses through ZIFMTDiscover, monitor, analyze, predict, and remediate modules to optimize IT infrastructure performance, prevent data disasters, and improve business service continuity.

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