Nippon Telegraph and Telephone: NTT Com Launches Interconnection Testing Using Platform Connecting Gaia-X (European Secure Data Sharing Platform for Supply Chain Companies) with Systems ” national and foreign companies / organizations

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications company within the NTT group (TOKYO: 9432), succeeded in April 2021 in developing the prototype of the platform that allows interconnection with IDS1 and the IDS connector, the core technology of the IDS, which is one of the essential components of the Gaia-X2 data ecosystem, the data distribution infrastructure that Europe is developing to protect data sovereignty3 of its countries and regions. As such, NTT Com will develop the prototype of the secure international data distribution platform that connects IDS and with TrustMT, NTT Com’s smart data platform that achieves secure distribution of data between businesses and organizations, and conducts interconnection trials with partners in Japan and Europe from October this year to March 2022.

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Interconnection Test Flowchart (Graphic: Business Wire)

Based on the test results, the commercial version of this platform will be launched in the first half of fiscal year 2022. It will enable secure international distribution of data, including device data in factories, ordering information , CO2 and waste emissions data for product lifecycles between components of the global supply chain, via Gaia-X and withTrustMT 4. NTT Com will thus contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society by improving industrial efficiency, decarbonisation and recycling of resources through the dissemination of data.

NTT Com has built a cloud-based test environment where data can be shared securely between businesses and organizations by connecting IDS, OPC UA5, and with TrustMT in Europe and Japan, allowing a secure connection to the Gaia-X prototype via the Smart Data Platform. The test environment was carried out based on the use cases of manufacturing data distribution for decarbonization and resource recycling in the manufacturing industry (currently under study by the WG1 sub-working group “Study on Global Data Distribution Management Platform” [SWG8]6 by Robot Revolution and Industrial IoT Initiative [RRI]) and the international data interconnection platform requirements derived from these use cases. The tests will verify the convenience, functionality and practicality of the international data distribution platform by connecting devices and systems of domestic and foreign partners to this test environment and distributing data between Japan and Europe.

An experiment will also be carried out in this test environment.7 to interconnect multiple data spaces of these European industries that comply with Gaia-X, including Smart Connected Supplier Network8 in the Netherlands and Catena-X9 in Germany. NTT Com will also study data models to enable smooth transmission of manufacturing CO2 emissions data and other information that transcends differences in business practices and laws between countries and industries. The feasibility of this model will be verified by experiments to securely distribute data between Japan and Europe. Then, in collaboration with the Canadian company Empress Software Japan and other companies, NTT Com will propose this model to the OPC Foundation.ten as an OPC UA companion information model.

The partner companies and organizations that have already agreed to participate in this experiment are: Okuma Corporation, OMRON Corporation, DENSO WAVE Inc., Empress Software Japan Inc., Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Industrial Open-Network Laboratory in School of Fundamental Science and Engineering at Waseda University, RRI, Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN) and the Value Chain Connectivity Testing Working Group at the Virtual Engineering Community (VEC). (As of October 14, 2021, in Japanese alphabetical order.)

We are looking for new companies and partner organizations who wish to participate in the trials. Based on the test results, we will identify the issues necessary for interconnection with Gaia-X and specify the functional requirements in cooperation with partner companies and organizations, and we plan to provide a commercial version of this platform equipped with the functional requirements in the first half of fiscal 2022. In addition, in order to enable Japanese companies to securely and smoothly share data with the domestic and foreign business partners that make up their supply chains, NTT Com will also work on development of DATA-EX.11, the data distribution platform under development in Japan, and carry out the development of technologies and services necessary for the development of DATA-EX in cooperation with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, NTT Ltd., NTT DATA and other NTT group companies, as well as Data Society Alliance (DSA) and RRI.

The trials will be presented at the Robot Revolution and Industrial IoT International Symposium 2021 12 ([Day 3] Data Exchange and Data Quality) which is scheduled to be released online today (October 14) and at the NTT Communications Digital Forum 2021 from October 20 to 22. Regarding the NTT Communications Digital Forum 2021, please visit “Smart Factory” after logging into the forum URL for more information on this essay.

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In order to protect the rights of data providers in a digital society where IoT, AI and cloud have become widespread, Europe Gaia-X, a data distribution platform equipped with a mechanism that allows providers to limit the scope of data disclosure and track data usage history, to be launched in April 2022. Japanese companies wishing to do business with European companies connected to Gaia-X will likely need to comply with Gaia-X standards. In order to comply with Gaia-X standards individually, they will need to recruit engineers familiar with IDS specifications and make costly and time-consuming system changes. This experiment is an effort to commercialize a platform that interconnects European Gaia-X compatible systems with various enterprise systems, in order to reduce the burden of such individual responses.

About Re-connect X

Re-connect X is the vision that NTT Com has been pursuing since 2020. As part of this vision, NTT Com contributes to the achievement of a sustainable future in a “new normal” world by providing ICT services and solutions that “reconnect customers, businesses and society with new value ”in a safe, secure and flexible way.

Reconnect X

* 1: IDS is a complete system of technological components defined by the International Data Spaces Association eV (IDSA). NTT Group is a member of IDSA.

* 2: Gaia-X is an initiative announced by the German and French governments in October 2019 to support data sharing through an infrastructure ensuring data protection, transparency, reliability and interoperability in order to protect the rights of companies , governments, institutions and European citizens. Market players outside of Europe are invited to participate. NTT Com is a member of the European Gaia-X Association for Data and Cloud AISBL, an organization that promotes the development of Gaia-X.

* 3: Data sovereignty refers to the right of data providers to decide the scope of disclosure and use of data at their discretion.

* 4: “with ConfidenceMT”Is a secure distribution system for highly confidential data.

* 5: OPC UA is a standard developed and maintained by the OPC Foundation to interact for the purpose of secure and reliable data exchange.

* 6: GT1 “Study on Global Data Distribution Management Platform” (SWG8) is a study group led by NTT Com, in which Okuma Corporation, QUNIE Corporation, DENSO WAVE Inc., Hitachi, Ltd., Empress Software Japan Inc. participate. , Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, DMG MORI BUG CO., LTD., Business Engineering Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, Future Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Ryoyo Electro Corporation (as of October 14, 2021, in Japanese alphabetical order).

* 7: The experiment will be carried out in cooperation with System of Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast-Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO; Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research), Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, IDSA and Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL.

* 8: For more information on the Netherlands Smart Connected Provider Network, please visit the following website:

* 9: For more information about the German Catena-X, please visit the following website:

* 10: For more information about the OPC Foundation, please visit the following website:

* 11: DATA-EX is the generic name (brand name) of DSA’s efforts to achieve data collaboration in various fields. For more information about DATA-EX, please visit the following website:

* 12: For more information on Robot Revolution and Industrial IoT International Symposium 2021, please visit the following website:

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NTT Com’s prototype platform securely shares CO2 emissions data from Switzerland to sites in Germany and Japan (press release published on April 8, 2021)

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