Nippon Telegraph and Telephone: DOCOMO Enters into Business Alliance Agreement with JGC Corporation to Develop Platforms for DX at Large-Scale Factory Construction Sites

April 14, 2022

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 14, 2022 — NTT DOCOMO, INC. today announced that it has entered into a business alliance agreement with JGC Corporation on April 14, 2022 to jointly develop a digital platform that would allow large factories being built overseas to be managed remotely from Japan.

Under the agreement, the two companies will begin joint development of a platform that will enable accurate and timely visualization and management of progress on overseas construction sites while remaining in Japan, with the aim to begin its use on construction sites in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Is by the end of 2022.

The platform will combine JGC’s expertise in on-site operations and project management knowledge for plant construction and DOCOMO’s technologies involving drones, AI and security. It will also be powered by Visual Command Center MTa patented visual construction management solution from the American company Reconstruct®.

The main functions of the Visual Command Center include.

  • Create a 3D point cloud model of a construction site from images taken with drones or 360 degree cameras

  • Convert 2D images to 3D point cloud models

  • Integrate 3D point cloud images and models with BIM/CIM and drawing data

  • Create a 4D model by integrating planning data and visualize progress management, including construction delays and punctuality.

Since August 2019, DOCOMO had been working with JGC to identify issues related to the management of the plant’s construction and explore the creation of new ventures, such as the demonstration of systems using drones and IoT, with the aim of transforming digitally inspecting plant facilities and managing construction progress. Through this agreement, DOCOMO and JGC will develop platforms for overseas factory construction sites and develop them with superior functionality, and work to establish new businesses to contribute to the promotion of DX not only for overseas factory construction industry but also for all industries.

Visual Command Center is a registered trademark of Reconstruct Inc.
Reconstruct is a registered trademark of Reconstruct Inc.


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