National Geographic TV channel will present the Jharkhand


The Nat Geo team will discuss a schedule for filming the documentaries, depending on the weather and other factors

Animesh Bisoee



Posted on 11.27.21, 12:13 AM

Jharkhand’s culture, scenic landscapes and places of adventure will soon be featured on a global platform via National Geographic TV channel.

The Nat Geo team will arrive in Ranchi on Monday for a meeting with senior officials from Jharkhand’s information and public relations department and will sign a formal agreement to make documentaries on wildlife, adventure hotspots, people and culture and pristine Jharkhand.

“Earlier in 2014, an almost 43-minute short film was made by the Nat Geo crew to showcase the state’s potential. But this would be the first time Nat Geo has made four documentaries on four different aspects of a state. The Nat Geo TV team will hold discussions Monday and Tuesday with government officials. They will also have a discussion with the chief minister’s office before signing a formal agreement, ”said a senior official in the chief minister’s secretariat.

The Nat Geo team will discuss a schedule for filming the documentaries, depending on the weather and other factors.

“Ideally, we would have liked the documentaries to be shown on the global platform before the tourist season which peaks between December and April throughout Jharkhand. However, things will depend on the availability of Nat Geo crews and the state’s climate and other logistics for the shoot. From now on, each of the documentaries would be less than 10 minutes, ”the official said.

The National Geographic channel, produced by the National Geographic Society, broadcasts in seven languages. Earlier this year, he made a series of documentaries, with actor Radhika Madan, capturing the greatness of Arunachal Pradesh which aired on February 20 on the Independence Day of the Northeast State.

Thursday evening, Jharkhand’s cabinet gave the green light to a proposal to relax payment rules to Nat Geo.

“The motive behind documentaries is to help the state reach people around the world. The government of Jharkhand would pay over 2.37 crore rupees plus GST to National Geographic for the production of documentaries on the state’s culture, people and wildlife, ”said chief cabinet secretary Vandana Dadel.

The proceeds will be donated to National Geographic for the production of special documentaries on Jharkhand.

Sources in the state’s information and public relations department said the state would try to persuade National Geographic to air the documentaries in timeslots likely to get the maximum viewership.

“The idea is to promote Jharkhand for tourists and investors on an international platform and dispel the false perception of law and order and the Maoist threat. Everything would be defined during the meeting with the Nat Geo team – locations, filming dates and other logistics, ”said an IPRD official who will be part of the central committee to finalize the documentaries.


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