Mom was having trouble hearing, so Graham Bell made the phone, you know…?”

Telephones have come a long way from connecting lines to exchanges to reaching homes and now your pockets. However, Alexander Graham Bell, troubled by his mother’s hearing loss, had to accept more papads for his patent than he did to invent the telephone on June 2, 1875. Graham Bell was granted the telephone patent on March 7, 1876. Earlier, when Bell announced the invention of the telephone, about 600 people made claims. Some people have reached the Supreme Court of America. However, the victory went to Bell. Today, when we connect a call on the phone or mobile, the first thing we say is hello. Graham Bell is said to have said hello on the phone because of his girlfriend Margaret Hello and it became a trend.

The mother had difficulty hearing, dialed the telephone: Graham Bell had graduated aged just 13. After that, at the age of 16, he became famous as a great music teacher. Graham Bell’s mother had difficulty hearing. Graham Bell was very sad and disappointed with this problem of his mother. That’s why he wanted to make a special device to help the hearing impaired with the help of acoustics. Not only did he succeed in making such a device, which proved to be a boon to deaf people, but in this effort he also invented the telephone. His wife also had great difficulty hearing. After the telephone, Graham Bell manufactures the photophone in 1880. This technique makes it possible to find the voice from one place to another thanks to light rays. Although people didn’t show much interest in the photophone, today’s fiber optic cable works on the principles of Graham Bell.

Graham Bell never said “hello” on the phone: as soon as the conversation started on the phone, a story began about the practice of saying hello. Even today, Bell’s girlfriend’s name is said to have been Margaret Halo. That’s why Bell started saying hello every time before he started talking on the phone. However, this story appears to be false as no evidence of this has come to light so far. Second, Bell had married his girlfriend and his wife’s name was Mabel Gardiner Hubbard. There he married Mabel in 1877. After the marriage he changed his name to Mabel Hubbard Bell. Documents from the American Telegraph and Telephone Company show that Graham Bell never used Halo. He first said to his assistant on the phone, “Come here. I want to see you.’ Bell is said to have used Ahoy while talking on the phone.

By mistake ‘Hello’ was said Thomas Edison: The question still arises as to who started using it if Bell did not start Halo practice. Indeed, before starting the conversation on the phone, sentences of the type ‘Are you there or are you ready to talk’ were pronounced. According to documents from the American Telegraph and Telephone Company, American scientist Thomas Edison did not like such a long sentence at all. When he called for the first time, he accidentally used bonjour instead of “Bonjour”. That word came into play. In 1877, he wrote a letter to TBA Smith, president of the Central District and Printing Telegraph Company of Pittsburgh, saying that hello should be the first thing to say on the telephone. The word hello was fully adopted in 1880. AT&T President Frederick Perry Fish credited Edison with the practice of saying hello on the telephone in 1907.

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