MapleJet Unveils Latest Printer with Automated Bulk Ink Supply (US Patent Pending) and High-Range Cartridge

Hx Ultro Thermal Inkjet Printer with Fully Automated Smart Bulk Ink Supply and Long Throw Cartridge

The Hx Ultro Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) uses a fully automatic active bulk ink system designed to reduce operating costs and minimize operator intervention

RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 25, 2022 / — MapleJet, the leading brand and supplier of high-quality coding and marking inkjet printers, introduced its latest technology addition inkjet printer that uses a fully automated active mass ink system designed to reduce operating costs, ideally suited for high volume production applications.

The Hx Ultro Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) revolutionizes the printing process by allowing millions of messages to be printed with a single bulk TIJ cartridge in one uninterrupted print cycle. The printer has two models. Hx Ultro-HR is a high resolution model with a standard throw distance designed for printing codes on flexible packaging. It prints high-resolution codes, similar to TTO printers, and machine-readable and scannable 2D barcodes.

The Hx Ultro-HT model has an extended throw distance with standard resolution targeted for production lines currently using CIJ printers requiring a higher throw distance operating at high speed in continuous mode. This model can print at a higher throw distance from the substrate up to a 10mm gap, perfect for sloped or recessed surfaces such as the bottom of cans and the shoulder of the bottle.

Hx Ultro’s Bulk Ink Delivery System (US Patent Pending) is the most compact active ink system in the industry, which comes with various volumes of ink reservoir packaged in a custom cassette for easy ink change, minimizing line interruptions. This lowers the cost per print of TIJ, paving the way for using this printer for high volume productions. Additionally, Hx Ultro’s unique ink delivery, consisting of precise ink pressure regulation and precise ink delivery to the pump, has improved the reliability needed for these applications over all other systems in bulk in the market.

“Over the past few years, TIJs have been very successful in replacing many applications served by CIJ and TTO printers, primarily in the small manufacturing sector due to their small size, easy operation and low maintenance. However, medium and large production areas have not found TIJ to be a good fit due to the small ink tank which makes the price per print high compared to CIJ and TTO,” commented Haroon Naveed, Sales Manager at MapleJet.

“However, MapleJet’s research and development team has brought together the unique features of CIJ printers such as the bulk ink supply system and its high throw distance combined with a TTO function such as high resolution printing in these two thermal inkjet printer models. Thus, we are proud to launch “Hx Ultro”, which we can essentially consider as the “hybrid category” of printers in the market”, he added .

Hx Ultro’s state-of-the-art technology is enclosed in a small, industrial aluminum enclosure, making it easy to install the printer in production lines. Smart on-board Wi-Fi simplifies daily printer operation, helping operators reduce human error. All printer operations such as designing messages, setting line parameters, and real-time production monitoring are managed using any smart device through a web-based application called Hx Manager. This feature is especially beneficial for large manufacturing sites with multiple printers, allowing them to control all Hx printers from a single Wi-Fi enabled console.

Homayoun Shahrestani, CEO of MapleJet, said, “We are now seeing the evolution of Industry 4.0 with technological advancements that are making the digital transformation of factories a reality. This, in turn, made it possible to monitor and control production and packaging machinery in real time to collect data and use the data to optimize production processes in the factory, leading to the production of products better quality while reducing production costs”,

“The Hx family of printers has been designed in line with Industry 4.0 standards, especially for the coding and marking industry, to meet future market demands. That’s why Hx Ultro offers our customers a range of benefits aligned with their ever-changing needs, which lies in the progression of factories towards smart factories,” he concluded.

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Hx Ultro Thermal Inkjet Printer with Fully Automated Smart Bulk Ink Supply and Long Throw Cartridge

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