Koh Young KPO Printer Wins Best Process Control Software Award at SMTA Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum EMSNow

Atlanta, Georgia – Koh Young Technology, the industry leader in True 3D measurement-based inspection solutions, is proud to announce that its KPO printer technology has won the Mexican Technology Award for Process Control Software from Mexico City EMS. We accepted the award from Ronald Friedman, publisher of Mexico EMS, at the SMTA Guadalajara Expo and Tech Forum in Jalisco, Mexico in September 2022.

Product miniaturization leads to smaller openings, finer welds and intricate designs, making printing a sophisticated process with a significant impact on yield. Typically, printing process experts need to constantly adjust printing settings to ensure a stable process. Still, Koh Young is determined to create an autonomous and connected electronic manufacturing environment for flawless production using his growing suite of AI-powered process optimization tools.

The latest solution is KPO Printer (Koh Young Process Optimizer for Printers), which uses a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine that we developed locally to help machines troubleshoot printing process issues. KPO Printer uses complex algorithms to diagnose problems, recommend settings, and improve print quality. With our own AI and machine learning tools, KPO Printer:

  1. analyzes the relationships between programs and print settings to determine if the current printer settings can facilitate a printer DOE,
  2. optimizes the printing process with real-time printer and solder paste inspection (SPI) data correlation to recommend ideal process parameters, and
  3. provides real-time performance diagnostics with anomaly detection algorithms to identify and alert users to process issues and trends.

“In short, KPO Printer sets the optimal parameters and eliminates the need for trial and error experiments,” commented Ray Welch, Principal Applications Engineer at Koh Young. The KPO printer uses active communication between the printer and SPI to implement necessary process changes in real time. “We make it easy to optimize printing processes. Our AI-powered solution delivers automated process reliability and consistency, enabling manufacturers to achieve increased productivity and efficiency. KPO Printer is the advanced solution for process reliability without expertise.

To learn more about how our KPO printer technology can improve your quality, visit us at SMTA Guadalajara Expo booth 425 or SMTA International Expo in Minneapolis, Minnesota booth 925 November 1-03, 2022. If you can’t attend the panel, but still want to learn more about smart manufacturing and our best-in-class portfolio of True 3D solutions, visit us at www.kohyoungamerica.com

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