Is Virgin Media internet and TV down in Darwen?

Virgin Media customers in an east Lancashire town say they were left without internet or TV for days.

Some Darwen customers say they have been deprived of these services since Wednesday evening (September 21) and are dissatisfied with the response from customer service.

Sue Riley told the Lancashire Telegraph that his Internet and television have been down since Wednesday evening and that the outage is impacting his professional life.

She said: “It’s completely out of order. We haven’t had internet or TV since Wednesday night.

“Virgin Media’s service updates change all the time.

“They say they believe it will be fixed later today and then, when the time comes, it will be updated the next day.

Sue says customer service was not helpful.

She said: “They won’t help us and say they don’t have an update – they just refer us to the service update.

“I depend on the internet for some homework that I can’t do.”

Sue isn’t the only person to report issues.

An e-cigarette shop, Totally Wicked Darwen, was forced to remain closed today (September 26) due to problems.

The Duckworth Street store said: ‘Due to the continuing Virgin Media outage across Darwen, we will unfortunately have to remain closed today as none of our systems are working.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our customers, but it is not up to us. We will keep you informed of the planned reopening date. »

Steph Taylor said: ‘Mine had been off since Thursday morning’

Ian Rothwell said: ‘It’s shocking to go so long without any service’

Another person said: “My update messages have gone from ‘engineer is on site’ to ‘he’s on his way’ in the past 5 days – what is it?”

Another said he had ‘filed a complaint’ about the ‘senseless’ update messages he had received in the previous days.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “We are working hard to restore service to a small number of customers in Darwen.

“Our engineers are working on the failure as a priority and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

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