How to Add a Printer to Windows 11 2022 Tip

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Check how to add a printer to Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest major version of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system which was announced on June 24, 2021 and succeeds Windows 10, which was released in 2015. Windows 11 was released to the public on October 5, 2021. Windows Update upgrade on eligible devices running Windows 10 and a free upgrade through the Windows 11 Setup Assistant. Windows 11 introduces major changes to the Windows shell affected by the rollback of Windows 10X, including a redesigned Start menu, replacing its “Live Tiles” with a separate “Widgets” panel on the taskbar, creating tiled sets of windows. Capacity is included.

It can be minimized and repositioned from the taskbar as a group and on compatible hardware like the Xbox Series X and Series S with new legacy gaming technologies from Auto HDR and DirectStorage. Internet Explorer (IE) has been replaced by Chromium-based Microsoft Edge as the default web browser, and Microsoft Teams is integrated into the Windows shell. Microsoft also announced plans to allow more flexibility in software that can be distributed through the Microsoft Store and to support Android apps on Windows 11 (making its App Store available to work). including a partnership with Amazon).

How to automatically add a printer to Windows 11

If Windows can automatically identify the printer, installation only takes a few minutes and you really don’t have to do anything but click a few buttons.

  • Open config. One way to do this is to right-click on the Start button and select Settings.
  • Go to Bluetooth & Devices > Printers & Scanners.
  • Select Add Device, wait a few seconds for Windows to locate the printer, then select Add Device next to the one you want to install.
  • Wait while installing the printer. It will appear in the list along with all the other printers and scanners you already use.

    How to manually add a printer to Windows 11

    If your computer does not automatically recognize the printer, you can try adding it manually.

    • Open Settings and go to Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners > Add device.
    • Wait a few seconds while Windows tries to automatically locate the printer. When you see the Add manually link, select it.
    • There are several options here, depending on your situation and how you plan to connect to the printer.
    • All five options work for wireless or network-connected printers. If your printer is attached locally or directly to your computer, choose Add a local printer or a network printer with manual settings, and then choose Next.
    • Choose the port to which the printer is connected, and then select Next.
    • If it is connected via USB, select it from the list. There are also options for parallel (LPT) and serial (COM) ports.
    • The following options allow you to install the printer driver. If the printer came with a disk containing the driver, select Have Disk to search for the driver. Otherwise, choose Windows Update.
    • Please wait while Windows completes a list of options. You will see a screen with the message Windows is updating the list of printers. This may take a few minutes.
    • Choose the printer manufacturer in the left column, then the model in the right column. Select Next.
    • Give the printer a name, then select Next. It can be whatever you want as it is for your reference only.
    • Please be patient while installing the printer in Windows 11.
    • Choose Do not share this printer, and then select Next. Unless, of course, you want to share it with other devices on your network, in which case select Share this printer and fill in those details.
    • You should now see a success page. Select Print a test page if you want to test the printer; otherwise, choose Finish to see the printer in your device list.

    Final words: How to add a printer to Windows 11

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