Here’s what a root canal treatment costs in 5 countries

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If you need dental treatment, an international dental tourism trip can help you save a lot of money.

With the high cost of medical and dental care in the United States, many people travel abroad to get the care they need, despite having insurance. Some countries are the best places for dental procedures like root canals due to their lower cost. If you plan well, you may be able to get the dental care you need and take a vacation for less than the cost of getting the job done in the United States. Find out how much a root canal treatment costs in other countries.

Based on data from Medical Departures analyzed by Healthcare insiders, an estimated 390,000 Americans will travel abroad for dental care in 2021. For those who need costly surgeries or more extensive work, going abroad could offer significant savings.

One dental procedure that costs a lot of money in the United States is a root canal. The cost varies and depends on the type of tooth and the situation of each patient. According to Dental Departures, the median price for a root canal, build-up and crown in the United States is $2,094.

For Americans looking to reduce the overall cost of dental care, overseas travel may be the best option. Many international destinations offer quality dental work, and some dentists even receive their training in the United States.

How much does a root canal treatment cost in other countries?

If you’re thinking about having dental work done abroad, you might be wondering what you would pay. Here’s a look at the cost of a root canal, build-up, and crown in five countries by country Dental disposals.


average price



Costa Rica








Data source: Dental Departures.

What should you consider before you go abroad for dental treatment?

Before booking any international travel for dental or medical care, make sure you are going with a reputable provider. They should have experience and excellent reviews to back up their work. Failure to do thorough research can lead to poor results — and additional dental problems or other health concerns.

And remember to consider all costs of a medical tourism trip, including full procedure costs. When setting your travel budget, don’t forget to consider costs such as:

  • fare
  • accommodations
  • meal

Every trip, whether for dental tourism or just for pleasure, affects your personal finances. Budget and plan accordingly so you don’t face unexpected expenses once you arrive. When planning your travel dates before and after the procedure, allow enough time at the destination in case you need rest or aftercare. And consider paying for your trip with a Travel Rewards credit card. You can earn valuable rewards for your spending and redeem them for free or low-cost travel in the future.

It’s no secret that health and dental care in the United States can be expensive. For some Americans, it may make sense to have dental work done while traveling abroad. Do careful research and plan your expenses before booking your trip so you can be sure you’re getting the best savings — and the right care.

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