Great product design student work: a paper-efficient printer that takes rolls, not sheets

Many things I print – UPS shipping labels, PDF manual diagrams, shopping lists with part numbers, archived crossword puzzles – don’t require the use of a full 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper But that’s the only size my printer takes, so I generate quite a bit of waste.

Industrial designer Jisan Chung, while pursuing his Masters in Product Design at ECAL, designed this Roller Jet printer as his graduation project:

“In many places, printed paper has been replaced by screens, changing the role of home printers. Yet, at the same time, we are enjoying tangible interactions, like taking notes on printouts and simply carrying them around for reference. “

“Roller Jet offers new use cases for home printers in this digital world. Using a roll of paper instead of sheets, it can print any length you want – small sizes for receipts, checklists, daily schedules, grid lines or gift wraps in A4 or larger size for documents.After printing, the paper can be easily torn off with one hand.

Great concept and takes up much less space on a desk. I would buy one without hesitation. (I should just find a way to deal with the papers constantly trying to curl up.)

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