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ATTICA, INDIANA (October 27, 2021) – The Andy Griffith Show debuted on television in 1960 and has aired daily for more than 60 years, making it one of the most successful television shows of all. the temperature. Now, the children of the actors who appeared in the original series have produced a feature-length family comedy that captures the spirit of Mayberry, according to information from producers.

Mayberry Man follows an arrogant movie star forced to spend a week at Mayberry Fest, a festival celebrating The Andy Griffith Show. Surrounded by Mayberry fanatics, including colorful tribute artists pretending to be characters from the show, he gets the chance to find out what Mayberry Spirit is. The touching and light-hearted story pays homage to the classic TV series through replica sets, a vintage wardrobe, Mayberry team cars and other vintage vehicles, and a soundtrack that includes music from the original series of famous composer Earle Hagen.

“Mayberry Man is a fun and heartwarming story that I know would make my dad proud,” says Dixie Griffith, daughter of Andy Griffith. Griffith is also an executive producer.

Several of the filmmakers have personal ties to The Andy Griffith Show. Writer-director Stark Howell and producer Cort Howell are the sons of actor Hoke Howell who played “Dud Wash” in the classic television series. Co-producer Gregory Schell is the son of Ronnie Schell who appeared in two episodes and is best known for playing “Duke Slater” in the Gomer Pyle spin-off, USMC. Daughter of Don Knotts, Karen Knotts, makes an appearance in the film.

Despite his Hollywood connections, Mayberry Man was not supported by Hollywood. The independent film relied on popular crowdfunding to finance the production. This allowed the filmmakers to maintain creative control while giving fans a chance to be in the film.

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“It’s a movie the whole family will enjoy,” says director Stark Howell. “And especially if you’re a fan of The Andy Griffith Show, you’re sure to love it.”

Mayberry Man is coming to the Devon Theater located at 107 W. Mill Street for a limited engagement November 5-7. Sessions are Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. with a Sunday matinee at 2:00 p.m. On Saturday evening, a special meeting with the stars of the film and a live performance by Berachah Valley, the bluegrass group from the film, from at 6:00 p.m.

Mayberry Man ( is a 2021 American family comedy film written and directed by Stark Howell and produced by Cort Howell. The film follows an arrogant movie star sentenced by a small-town judge to attend a week-long festival celebrating The Andy Griffith Show. It stars Brett Varvel, Allan Newsome, Rik Roberts, Jakob Winter, Ashley Elaine and Karen Knotts. It is rated “Approved for All Ages” by the Dove Foundation.

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