Epson’s new TM-m30II point-of-sale receipt printer combines thermal printing with a rich feature set for hassle-free transaction recording

Epson has unveiled the latest TM-m30II thermal point-of-sale receipt printer that allows easy setup and seamless integration with tablet-based point-of-sale configurations.

Epson TM m30II

Reigning to provide the highest transactional efficiency, the new TM-m30II POS thermal receipt printer combines an elegant and compact form factor with high printing performance and an easy-to-use experience to meet today’s growing business. ‘hui, especially in F&B and the retail scene as it is able to print at a speed of up to 250mm per second thanks to the improvised printing mechanism, printhead and cutter . In addition, it also makes life easier for the busiest stores as the device can be configured to push receipts in a 180 degree rotated orientation so that nothing in the ordering process is hampered by unnecessary small actions. On the other hand, the front paper loading setting as well as formatting related options such as narrowed top margin and center uncut function are able to keep the receipt neat and organized.

Do you run your shop in a hot place full of tourists from different parts of the world? Do not be afraid. The TM-m30II POS thermal receipt printer is designed to support multiple Unicode formatting so you can print in multiple languages ​​in one receipt without messing around with settings because everything is made to be simple – You get it, the TM- m30II prints. As mentioned at the start, the device is created to fit into tablet-based environments and that includes iOS and Android while supporting the more standard Windows operating system and to highlight its mass compatibility with current and legacy technologies, it can be connected via a plethora of connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB while still having the Epson Server Direct Print feature to pull data directly from a cloud server – a very useful tool for remote businesses. It also works well with existing point-of-sale devices for scanners, cash drawers, kitchen buzzers, and more.


Manufactured in Epson Ultra White and Black colors, the Epson TM-m30II POS thermal receipt printer currently has limited distribution around the world and unfortunately Malaysia appears to be one of the unlucky countries on the list at the time of publication. writing.

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