Collision with telephone pole cuts off residents of Baildon

UP to a dozen homes in Baildon have been without internet or landlines since Monday afternoon after a delivery truck crashed into a telegraph pole and broke phone lines.

Affected households on Ferncliffe Drive, Baildon, include several very vulnerable, elderly and home workers who have now been isolated during the lockdown.

BTOpenreach estimates that due to the bank holiday weekend it could be Tuesday when service is restored.

A resident said: “We are isolated because I am classified as very vulnerable. Openreach came on Monday and cut half of the telegraph pole to make it safe. Since then nothing has happened and no one has told the residents what was happening event.

“Rather poor service given the pandemic.”

A neighbor said the incident involved a Tuffnells truck and it was captured on their CCTV which was now with police investigating.

They said: “The Tuffnells were delivering at No.9. They backed up the post, a chappy came out, looked at the post and the van and came back with cables in the road and a cracked post.

“Police were called and closed the road for a short time until BTOpenreach arrived to secure the cables and cut the pole.”

BTOpenreach and Tuffnells had both been contacted for comment, but neither had responded by the time the T&A went to press.

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