CLC courses: Exuberant escapades towards language learning and self-discovery

NCLC has made a name for itself among the students, who have immensely recognized his contribution to enriching their language skills and preparing them for the industry.

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Posted on 10/19.21, 5:46 PM

It is 4:55 pm on a sweltering May evening. With the “new normal” of online classes, I quickly hook up my laptop to the scheduled 5:00 pm CLC class with a concomitant thought running through my head: “The day is almost over… are they coming? Tomy Surprise and delight, I see the screen fill with bright faces, ready to enjoy (according to them) the most coveted moment, not only of the day, but of the whole week! Watching them explore their speaking, debate and presentation skills fills me with contentment – the biggest reward we can expect as facilitators. It is the joy and liveliness of learning that the NSHM Center of Language and Communication (NCLC) promises to illuminate and shape the lives of our students.

With talented young teachers who bring innovative methods of teaching language proficiency, essential communication skills, personality development, public speaking and full-fledged foreign language lessons in their schools. course, the NSHM Center of Language and Communication (NCLC) has made a substantial mark for itself among students, who have immensely recognized its contribution to enriching their language skills and preparing them for the industry. Lisa Roy, my BBA First Year student, Durgapur Campus, wrote to me: “During these two hours of weekly CLC classes, we literally learned so many things like how to be confident, how to present yourself in front of the interviewer and soon. The GD and the case studies made us more confident and better informed. We have tried to acquire as much as possible this semester. Hope you will teach us more tips and tricks next semester ”. Isha Kumari of the same batch writes: “The CLC courses have allowed me to improve my communication skills. They were really interactive sessions. We had the opportunity to present our opinions to everyone, which allowed us to gain a lot of information about our current environment. Each week we had 2 hours of conversation. The CLC classes also helped me improve my English proficiency as well as my body language. Regular classes can certainly enrich your vocabulary and you can communicate frankly with others. From my experience, I would say the CLC courses were really amazing ”. Arpan Dey, who is currently pursuing his BBA in Hospital Management and is in his second semester, writes: “I really enjoyed each CLC course and learned some very informative lessons including presentation skills, presentation skills. interview, phone labels, group discussion skills and many more that are absolutely necessary for us to be professional and effective in getting our target jobs. .

In the stifling conditions of confinement, contagion and closed campuses, students have been imprisoned within the four walls of their homes for 16 months! A part of life that was meant to be lived and enjoyed in exhilarating classrooms, bustling hallways, and cheerful hostel rooms is mundane in front of smartphones and laptop screens. Enthusiastic conversations that were supposed to take place in the college cafe or canteen, on the lush green lawn or by the lake – unfold through voice or video calls, gradually pulling them apart. With the CLC courses dedicated to conversation and debate skills, students can interact with each other, which not only improves their professional communication skills, but also allows them to put their worries aside for the time being. Group discussion sessions sometimes allow them to go beyond the virtual level and really imagine themselves in a concrete classroom! This particularly applies to students whose academic life began online and could possibly remain so unless the pandemic takes its shadow from our lives. They have only met their classmates and teachers online and are waiting for the day when they can see each other in person. These students see CLC classes as a gateway to each other’s lives, as the incessant interactions allow them to get to know their friends better. The online speaking contests, essay writing contests and debate contests organized by the CLC not only kept the mengaged, but also encouraged them to go the extra mile to explore their talents.

Besides the language proficiency courses, communication courses and other events organized by the center, a major attraction for the students has undoubtedly been the foreign language courses offered by CLC. Many students, including final year students, have taken foreign language courses of their choice to broaden their scope of employability. Laboni Maji from BCA Durgapur (batch of 2018) who took a German language course says: “The foreign language courses are very informative and interactive. This course increased my interest in learning new languages. We are constantly encouraged to participate in the course and are welcome to provide feedback. The courses are planned and modified according to our requirements. While I was taking the basic course, I was faced with a speech problem.

However, it has improved now and I am still working on it to improve it further. All in all, it’s a great experience; I really enjoy the lessons. Shubhanjan Sinha, a student from BCA Durgapur (Batchof2018) says: “I have completed the Basic Language Proficiency course in Spanish and I have to say this has been one of the highlights of my 3 years at NSHM . Our teachers are very kind and attentive. The way they explain grammar and the non-grammatical sections are very interesting. Currently, I am at the intermediate level of the Spanish course. If I have the opportunity in the future, I will definitely choose the advanced level course.

These heartfelt and heartwarming feedback from our students gives us hope. The hope of doing more to make a positive change in their lives so that the term they spend with us becomes a treasure for their life. As an institute, we never let the pandemic affect our teaching-learning process and as a center, CLC has ensured that the online platform is used at the optimum level to improve language skills and employability skills of our students. However, it’s worth admitting that nothing can replace the experience and thrill of a real class. Classrooms are the little worlds that students create with their teachers, a space where they learn, explore, and create memories. We look forward to resuming our classes and witnessing our students living their dreams. Until then, we hope to make the most of our virtual interactions and ensure that the journey towards language learning and self-discovery continues with the same dynamism and eagerness.

This article is written by Dr Debapriya Goswami. She is an Assistant Professor at the NSHM Knowledge Campus, West Bengal, India and can be contacted by email at: [email protected].

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