Car park on Wibsey Causeway angers village

There are calls for more to be done to tackle the problem of on-street parking in the Wibsey area of ​​Bradford.

The problem is one that has surfaced among villagers and business people on the ‘Wibsey Business and Community’ Facebook group.

Sean Charlton, who works at [email protected] on Wibsey High Street, said the drivers lacked common sense and lack of consideration for others.

He said: ‘Cars park on curbs to use shops, they in turn end up blocking or reducing space on paths for pushchairs or mobility scooters.

People shared their frustration about curbside parking

“Some residents told me that they had stopped coming to the village because of this problem.

“We have two car parks at either end of the High Street, plus the Co-op car park that they could use.

“I’m not saying it’s just a Wibsey problem, you see it on all the roads, but when people with buggies have to get around parked cars via the road it’s not right.”

Mr Charlton said he had spoken with councilors and police, and they kept saying it was each other’s problem, but he asked: ‘Whose problem will it be if someone one gets hurt because he can’t use the sidewalks?”

He also expressed concern about “continuous motorbikes through the village driven by motorcyclists without helmets”.

Councilor Ralph Berry (Laboratory, Wibsey) said he was working to solve some of the more difficult areas, such as at the top of the High Street near the roundabout.

He said the matter should be taken to law enforcement by police and wardens and added that councilors were in contact with police about quads and motorbikes.

Councilor Sabiyah Khan (Lab, Wibsey) said it was an ongoing issue that was on the agenda for regular meetings with the police.

She added: ‘We have a municipal park on a fair road which is free and we are again encouraging people to park there.

‘We ask residents if they have any particular concerns to contact us at our regular council offices held throughout the neighborhood or by phone or email.’

Inspector Andy Thornton of the Bradford South Neighborhood Policing Team said: ‘We are working closely with Council regarding parking issues and enforcement in the Wibsey area.

“The police have limited powers and can only deal with obstructions to parking.

“We will continue to work with our partners and the community to help alleviate the problem in the region.”

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