Cana Reveals Molecular Beverage Printer Pricing and Inside Look

Today, Cana, a company that makes a countertop beverage printer capable of making almost any type of beverage, announced the price of the machine, beverage cartridges, and an estimated ship date for the product.

Called Cana One, the company’s first countertop beverage printer will have a limited-time price of $499 for the first 10,000 orders, after which it will be priced at $799. Customers can reserve a Cana One for the lower price of $99 on the company’s website ($99 will be applied to the purchase price).

The company will ship everything needed to make a drink — the sweeteners, alcohol, and molecular drink cartridges — to the customer’s doorstep. When Cana One automatically detects that the cartridges are low, the company automatically ships them to the customer’s doorstep.

The amount the Cana One user pays for the ingredients largely depends on the consumption. Customers will order drinks and pay between $0.29 and $2.99 ​​per drink. The more a customer consumes, the more they pay, and the faster Cana ships replenishment to their doorstep.

Above left: Current Cana prototype. Above right: Cana Design as featured on the website

The company showed off the Cana One to CNET ahead of today’s announcement. Unsurprisingly, the current prototype shown to the press doesn’t quite resemble (at least on the inside) the Cana One design concept on the company’s website. As you can see above, the sugar and spirit canisters in the concept design on the right are highly polished and not transparent, as seen in the working prototype on the left. Cana didn’t show off the Molecular Ingredients cartridge during the reveal demo this week, but you can see what they suggest it will look like in the concept design to the right.

CNET editor Brian Cooley sampled five drinks from the machine — cold brew coffee, two blueberry coolers, a grapefruit fizz and a mimosa — all of which took an average of about 30 seconds to brew. According to Cooley, all of the drinks were good but were not exact replicas of the original versions.

One interesting aspect highlighted in the company’s new hero reel on its website is the focus on creators. The company will showcase designer recipes on the Cana touch screen. Since users can create their own recipes, it makes sense to feature popular recipes from individuals. However, at this point, it’s unclear how the recipes are discovered or how the creators will be compensated for their unique blends.

According to the announcement, the Cana One is expected to ship in early 2023, but with the caveat that its current ship date is “based on its current supply chain visibility.” This warning is probably smart, given the current chaos in global supply chains and the uncertainty caused in recent weeks by the war in Ukraine.

You can watch the CNET video on the Cana One below:

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