British soldier captured in Ukraine paraded on TV by Russians

Mr Hill said he had an ex-wife but his father died on New Years Eve and he had no relationship with his mother.

When asked if there was anyone else who cared about him, he said he had four children and a partner.

He said he was carrying a CZ gun “for personal protection” and was part of a group of seven people, two of whom he did not know.

He said the information they received was “very minimal”, adding: “We are not being told much at all, if anything.”

He said he did not remember where he crossed the border, but stayed there to help the refugees before someone from the foreign legion suggested he could help more in Ukraine. “I flew by myself and all the way to the border to help on my own,” he added.

When asked how much he was paid, he revealed, “They didn’t pay me anything. They said they were supposed to pay people, but nobody got paid.

Mr Hill was asked what documents he had and he said he had his passport on him but did not know where it was.

He asked if he could go to the hospital, but was told he would be taken care of.

He was then asked if he had a message for other Brits who might decide to go to Ukraine, and he replied: “They really need to think about it. It does not concern us.

On Sunday, Mr Hill posted a picture of Mr Sibley on Facebook, writing: ‘Keep calm bro.

The day before, he posted a link to a fundraising page, asking for donations for military supplies. He said: “Our team is currently actively fighting in Ukraine and there is a severe shortage of kits and equipment available.”

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