Borders phone banking scam sees police issue warning

A NUMBER of Borders residents have been the target of a telephone banking scam, police say.

Officers are urging the public to be vigilant after victims report scammers claiming to be in their bank’s fraud department.

Police say not to be fooled by the incoming phone number displayed on your phone as these are “easily spoofed”.

A Scottish Police spokesperson said: ‘Victims have received calls claiming to be from their bank’s fraud department that they are investigating fraudulent activity at a local branch.

“They were ordered to withdraw several thousand pounds in cash and mail them to an address in England.

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“Another common fraud is a so-called cold call from your bank’s fraud department saying your account has been compromised and you will need to transfer funds to another account.

“Banks will never ask customers to participate in fraud investigations. ”

The spokesperson added: “If you receive calls of this nature, end the call and consider contacting the organization using the number you would normally contact them on, not the number given by the caller. .

“Ideally, do this using another phone (eg, a mobile), because crooks can leave the line open.

“If that is not possible, wait a bit and call someone you know to verify that the line is free before continuing.”

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