Bill is set to return to TV with a massive reboot in the works

The UK’s favorite crime TV dramas (or one of them anyway) The Bill may be returning to UK television, according to reports. UKTV is in the early stages of development on a reboot of The Bill which could be ready as early as next year, reports The Sun.

“In the minds of many producers and executives, The Bill is a drama just waiting to be rebooted,” the source said. “It’s a simple format but has attracted a loyal army of followers who would love to see it return.

“No doubt any new incarnation would be tweaked to bring a whole new generation into the show.” Bill ran from 1983 to 2010 and aired 2,425 episodes during his tenure before the show was eventually axed.

The original show also hosted guest appearances from actors who have achieved international fame in the showbiz world. The iconic crime drama, which aired between 1983 and 2010, has also been linked with a comeback last year.

At the time, a source said, “The project began to gain momentum last year after the cast reunited to mark ten years since the show last aired.” They continued: “Simon has started investigating the rights and has been successful in securing them. Three of the most well-known stars are in talks and he hopes to bring them on board. Tony has seen the script and they are hoping to sign him also.

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