Before you buy printer ink cartridges from Amazon, read this disclaimer

Most of us cringe at the high price of our ink cartridges. You pay a fair amount of money for a printer and then spend the money over and over and over and over again on new cartridges. Now imagine you spend a lot on new ink … only to find your printer won’t accept it.

It could happen if you buy counterfeit printer ink. It’s a huge market with a market value of around $ 3.5 billion, according to the Imaging Supplies Coalition. Counterfeit products are a huge problem, from counterfeit ink and toner supplies to counterfeit toys and electronics.

Tap or click here to check out the fakes you’ll come across while shopping for Christmas. If you plan to buy office supplies during the holiday season, be careful. A friend from the show contacted us with a story you can learn from.

Everything looks normal – until you inject the ink

Here’s what happened: Our friend bought ink for an HP printer from Amazon. It wasn’t like she was buying from an unusual brand. It was from the official HP store, and she had purchased this same ink several times in the past.

Judging by the screenshot, you would think everything was fine. It’s on Amazon and it’s an official brand. But get this.

After she inserted the new ink cartridge, an error message appeared:

Just like that, she realized that she had been duped. She contacted Amazon to resolve the issue. The seller sent a replacement. And get this: it was the wrong ink. She is still waiting for a replacement that will actually work.

So what can you do if you are in the same place or before the next time you buy ink?

First of all, don’t trust everything on Amazon. As this is a huge market, fraud is far from rare. Before you buy anything else on Amazon, read this important disclaimer. Baby seats, diapers, works of art and all kinds of merchandise are sold under false descriptions. Often times, scammers pose as reputable brands to try and sell you garbage.

How to make sure you’re buying legitimate ink

One way to validate specific HP ink is via its website. Another common tip is to buy from a legitimate retailer, but that’s what the listener who contacted Kim did, and she always got in trouble. If you want to take it a step further, you can purchase ink directly from the manufacturer’s website or in person at an office supply store you trust to avoid potential third-party tampering.

Also make sure you buy from a retailer that offers replacements or returns. Also, when it comes to ink, don’t let it sit too long. Make sure it is working when you receive it.

Spurious cartridges can be dangerous. They can leak and damage the interior of your machine. One way to watch out for fakes is to watch the price. If it’s too low and too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

Falling into the trap of scams is difficult to manage. Tap or click here for three immediate steps to take after being cheated.

Here’s an easy way to save money on ink

Having your own personal printer is so convenient. You can print coupons, children’s homework, and important work documents, all from the comfort of your home. The wrong side? Expensive ink cartridges – unless you buy an Epson EcoTank printer.

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