Attack on Kuje prison: a compromise cannot be ruled out – Ejiofor

… CG Corrections has a case to answer – Amachree

…detention centers across the country suffer around 16 attacks in two years – Report

A retired State Director of the State Service, Mr. Mike Ejiofor, said the authorities of the Nigeria Correctional Service (NCoS) were warned of the likely attacks on their facilities by the Department of State Services ( DSS), alleging that Tuesday’s bloody invasion of the Kuje medium-security custody center was the result of a compromise.

This was as retired Deputy Director (Intelligence and Operations) of the DSS, Mr Dennis Amachree, said the ‘controller’ had a case to answer, regarding the circumstances surrounding the violent attack on the installation critical (Kuje). . The Sunday Telegraph reports that Boko Haram (BHT) terrorists in numbers attacked the Kuje detention center minutes after 10 p.m. on Tuesday, freeing the 69 insurgents/detainees.

While providing details, the NCoS had stated, among other things, that: “A total of 879 inmates escaped from the facility during the unfortunate attacks.” At the time of this report (Wednesday last week), 443 have been recaptured, 551 detainees are currently in custody, 443 detainees are still at large, 4 detainees have died, and 16 detainees have suffered injuries of varying degrees and are currently undergoing treatment. However, efforts are underway to recapture all fleeing detainees.”

Establishing his allegation of compromise in a phone interview with our correspondent about the tragic incident, Ejiofor said, “When I was kidnapped in 2017, four of the people who kidnapped me were serving soldiers, but the people asked how did it go?

“…it’s the rat that’s in the house that will come out to tell the one that’s outside…as you plan your operations, they divulge the strategies. So, no doubt there are trade-offs but you have to fish them.

“It’s quite disheartening and embarrassing for the whole country. It is a national disgrace. I think what we should do now is prevent a future recurrence, not just sit back and fold our arms, and the way we can do that is mobilize our people, provide information to security agencies .

“Let people be aware of the safety of their surroundings now that these people are there. We do not know where they are so when we see people with strange faces, we must be able to report and also in their own areas, organize themselves to organize security.

We are going through perilous times. For his part, Amachree said: “The attack on Kuje prison was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Despite warnings in DSS intelligence reports of a possible attack on the facility, prison authorities have never done anything to tighten security.”

He made a startling revelation: “The structure is old, the layout and design does not meet global standards, and the physical security of the facility is nothing to write home about.

“The perimeter lights don’t work. The watchtowers are unmanned and the walls can easily be breached as they are not made of reinforced concrete. “One may wonder why dangerous terrorists should be incarcerated in a medium-level prison.

The controller of this prison has a lot of questions to answer.” In an earlier ambush on President Muhammadu Buhari’s forward party convoy, the retired intelligence officer said, “The terrorist ambush of the president’s forward party convoy is opportunistic as various attacks have taken place on this road. However, it should be noted that all presidential convoys are subject to targeted attacks. That’s why there’s so much security around her.

“I commend the protective details for repelling the attack and continuing their journey to their destination.” Meanwhile, there are indications that between October 2020 and now, detention centers across the country have suffered as many as 16 attacks, resulting in the escape of thousands of detainees.

Available records show that many of the escapees – as at the time of the breach – were convicted felons. Following the October 2020 EndSARS protest, suspected thugs had breached the security of Benin and Oko detention centers in Edo State, releasing at least 1,993 detainees.

In early April 2021, reports suggested that around 1,844 detainees held at Owerri, Imo State settlement, were let go by enemies of the state. Other states that have witnessed attacks on correctional facilities in the past two years, according to reports, are: Akwa Ibom; Delta; Enugu; Kwara; Kogi; Niger; Ondo: Oyo and Plateau States


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