Always check caller ID, say Scottish Water

SCOTTISH Water urges customers to help stop bogus callers by using their three C tips to beat callous scammers who might take advantage of clocks that go back an hour.

Scottish Water reminds its customers, including the vulnerable and elderly, to be vigilant and aware of the risk of being the victim of bogus calls at all times, including when it is darkest in the morning, after midday and early evening.

If Scottish Water knocks on your door, check your photo ID and follow the three Cs: CARD, CHECK and CALL.

Card – Anyone calling on behalf of Scottish Water, whether they are an employee of Scottish Water or a contractor working on our behalf in your area, will always carry a photo ID card or a letter. You should always ask callers to swipe their ID card or letter through the mailbox so you can verify their identity.

Check – Check the ID carefully: is the photo on the ID the same as the person at the door? Has the card been tampered with in any way? If you’re not sure it’s a real caller, return it!

Call – If you are in any doubt as to the identity of the caller, before opening the door please call the customer helpline on 0800 0778778 and Scottish Water can help you confirm if the caller is genuine.

Customers are advised to contact utility companies using phone numbers found in telephone directories or on the Internet, but not from ID cards or letters, as these may be fake.

If in doubt, do not open your door or allow access to the caller.

Scottish Water Chief Operating Officer Peter Farrer said: “Scottish Water works in local communities across Scotland every day of the year. Our own workers are very visible and unfortunately there are sometimes people who take advantage of the essential work we do by posing as bogus water workers.

“So we would like to remind all of our customers of our key advice – if we knock on your door, check our photo ID and follow our three Cs of advice: card – check – call.

“All of our employees, and anyone working on our behalf, carry photo ID which they are happy to show on request – so don’t let anyone into your home until you are sure of their identify”.

Mr Farrer added: “If you are alone or feel you need more support, call a neighbor or friend, and if you are at all worried or unconvinced by a caller, please contact the police immediately. . The advice is easy to remember – just 3 C’s – card, check and call.

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