Alec Baldwin will hand over his cell phone

Lawyers for Alec Baldwin say he will hand over his cell phone as the investigation into the ‘Rust’ movie continues. -AP

A lawyer for Alec Baldwin says the actor will turn over his cellphone as part of an investigation into the shooting death of a cinematographer on the set of western Rust, but New Mexico police have stated that she had not yet received the device.

Baldwin’s attorney, Aaron Dyer, said he reached a deal with New Mexico authorities to return the phone after steps were taken to protect the actor’s privacy over unrelated matters. with the Rust survey.

“Mr. Baldwin’s phone is handed over this week for review,” Dyer said in a statement Thursday.

“Mr. Baldwin has continued to cooperate with the authorities, and any suggestion to the contrary is simply false.”

The comments followed a Thursday press release from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office stating that Baldwin failed to comply with a search warrant asking him to turn over the phone and that a New Mexico prosecutor was now working with the actor’s lawyer to get it.

“To date, the mobile phone has not been handed over to the authorities,” the statement said.

The Santa Fe detective leading the Rust investigation obtained the search warrant in December to examine the text messages, emails and other information on Baldwin’s iPhone.

The detective said she requested the warrant because suspects, victims and witnesses “often make and/or receive phone calls and/or messages before, during and/or after the commission of crime(s)”.

Baldwin said he was holding a gun on set when it exploded during a rehearsal in October, firing a live bullet that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

In a TV interview, Baldwin said he never pulled the trigger and denied any responsibility for the shooting.

The New Mexico prosecutor handling the case said some people who handled firearms on set could face criminal charges related to Hutchins’ death.

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