A Pokemon fan uses a 3D printer to create a cute Vulpix figure

the Pokemon franchise will soon add more designs to its universe with the release of pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Until then, fans still have hundreds of designs to choose from for their playthroughs of older games or inspiration for custom creations. In the latest show of fan adoration for one of these classic models, a fan 3D printed the Fire-type Pokémon Vulpix, the result of their efforts being a stunning sculpt.

Pokemon currently offers around 900 different designs for players to capture and train in games in the franchise. The subject of this article, Vulpix, was introduced with the first generation of Pokémon in the 1990s. 3D printers are a relatively new technology that allows owners to take designs online and recreate them layer by layer, and many gamers have used them to create custom items based on their favorite franchises.

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This awesome sculpt comes from u/JayMull420, and it’s a solid work of art that any Pokemon fan can appreciate. The post features a small 3D printed version of Vulpix, the first generation Fire-type Pokemon. U/JayMull420 printed this little Pokemon sitting on its hind legs with its six tails curled up behind. Vulpix has his eyes wide open, his ears pricked up, and his mouth open, which makes for an adorable pose that suits the Pokemon well. This cute Vulpix shows the signs of his 3D print a bit, with different lines of distinct layers on his face and around his body, but these hardly detract from his look. The original poster mentions that their girlfriend succeeded in coloring this Pokemon, and they matched the reddish and brown colors perfectly.

3D printed sculptures of individual Pokemon tend to recreate the original designs quite well, and that’s true here. U/JayMull420 doesn’t mention exactly where they located this design or if it’s their original work, but either way, it’s an adorable pose for a beloved Pokemon. The colors and design should immediately resonate with Pokemon Fans.

When it comes to the Pokemonfirst generation, there are a handful of options for players looking for a Fire-type Pokémon. Unfortunately, Vulpix is ​​one of the weakest Fire-type Pokemon of this generation and has worse base stats than Growlithe and Ponyta. This makes adding this Pokémon to any player’s team a bit of a sell.

Again, while stats are important, Vulpix’s design is excellent. Additionally, its evolution, Ninetales, is a solid option for those looking to pursue this Pokémon. Either way, this 3D printed sculpture does justice to a memorable design by Pokemonfirst generation.

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