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Of all the important devices you have at home and in the office, one thing you really can’t afford to break down all the time is the printer. There are simply too many things that depend on a printer in good working order, which is why it is absolutely essential to remember to keep it well maintained at all times.

It’s not that difficult to keep your printer well maintained. Just clean it regularly and make sure, among other things, that your ink is well supplied. Here are four things to remember when maintaining your printer:

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  1. do not wait
    The first thing to keep in mind is really to clean and maintain your printer as much as you can. Like servicing a car, you shouldn’t wait until there’s something wrong with your machine before you decide to service it. Preventive maintenance will help you make sure it runs smoothly all the time.
  2. Use your printer often
    Did you know that a printer that works often is more likely to work well? This means printing as much as you can, whenever you can instead of letting it gather dust.
  3. Handle with Care
    When handling your printer, i.e. loading it with paper, ink, or simply cleaning it, be sure to handle it with care. Do not force anything and clean it with a soft cloth. You don’t want to accidentally break any part of it, especially its interior.
  4. Go to an authorized service center
    If your printer breaks down and you can’t fix it yourself, it’s best to let the experts do the repair. Go to an authorized service center so that professionals can repair your machine and you can ensure that the best possible hands solve its problems.

If you have a Brother printer, there are over 170 Brother Authorized Service Centers nationwide.

For more details on Brother products, visit its Facebook page. You can also call the Brother Helpdesk hotline at (02) 8 581-9898, or via the toll free line at 1-10-BROTHER or email [email protected]

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