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A technology company specializing in the manufacture of hardware and software for 3D printing has settled in North Texas.

With its eyes on the growing additive manufacturing space, South Dakota-based B9Creations has opened its new office in the Venture X-The Realm at Castle Hills coworking space in Lewisville.

“(Our) growth trajectory, coupled with the acquisition of key talent in North Texas, has made this the right time to expand,” a B9Creations spokesperson told Dallas Innovates via email.

New offices to support customer-facing roles

Photo: B9Creations/Jesse Brown Nelson

Launched more than a decade ago in the garage of founder and CTO Michael Joyce — and fueled early on by $510,000 in funding from Kickstarter campaigns — B9Creations makes 3D printers, as well as software and accessories. Its product applications range from healthcare and jewelry to aerospace and defense.

“As additive manufacturing continues to move through the value stream, we have seen it gradually evolve to operate with equal capability and credibility to traditional and precision production methods,” the spokesperson said. “At B9Creations, we have developed technology that offers tolerances that exceed those of traditional manufacturing equipment, because we believe this is the key to opening the door to large-scale production.”

B9Creations has 150 clients in Texas

Image: B9Creations

Having already done business with 150 customers in the Lone Star State, B9Creations said DFW’s location will give it access to “key customers and high-value markets, in addition to positioning it closer to suppliers.” The company also noted the area’s talent pool, international connectivity through the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and the area’s “pro-business” environment as attractions to the area.

The company currently has four employees in its Lewisville offices, which will house its sales and finance staff. He expects to develop customer-facing teams in offices in areas such as sales and support. Over the next three years, B9Creation plans to have more than 25 employees in North Texas, according to the Lewisville chief.

B9Creations has a total team of 50, with staff in Denver and at its headquarters in Rapid City, SD, where it also has manufacturing operations.

“Having a robust customer service and support engine in place will be critical to our continued growth,” the spokesperson said.

Build on recent growth

3D printed medical finger splint [Photo: B9Creations]

With products, resellers and “strategic partners” in 70 countries around the world, B9Creations said the Lewisville office will help it capitalize on recent growth. In 2019, the company moved to a new 18,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility in South Dakota, which more than quadrupled the size of its footprint. It followed that in 2020, taking No. 2,318 on the Inc. 5000 list with three-year revenue growth of nearly 181%.

B9Creations Core Med 550 [Photo: B9Creations]

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